Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Lynn ( has many beautiful rustic polymer clay pendants and other jewelry items in her shop. The most recent additions are these original necklaces made with faceted "icy" polymer clay crystals.

This is how the artist described them: Polymer clay is formed into irregularly faceted crystal forms. After faceting, the crystals are gently buffed to soften the edges for design and for comfort.

Interesting idea and lovely design, isn't it?

Find more about Lynn and her art by visiting her blog,


  1. I love these "jewels". Probably one of my favorites. Thank you.

  2. Lovely work,I also hearted her and may do a showcase.. thanks for the great share !

  3. I love Lynn's work and her newest is very cool!

  4. What a very cool idea!! Simple can sometimes be so elegant... :)

  5. On a jailbrolen iPod touch second ten running 2.2.1, what is the difference between cydia and icy? They say that icy is an alternate to cydia, but thryseem to be pretty much the same. If there is a differnce, what is it?

  6. Nice jewels! They look so real, its so cool! Simple and elegant! - veronika


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