Saturday, June 27, 2009


People who frequent would not be fooled by these pictures since the works of Kim Westad graced Etsy front page so many times. But if you did not know it is porcelain, wouldn't you mistake it for polymer clay?

Lovely idea for polymer clay, by the way, - cover a glass vase with clay in one color, followed by another, add just a little texture, and you are done.

I am not suggesting to copy Kim's designs as they are, I am just saying that borrowing an idea from one medium may be quite fruitful for another.


  1. I love the texture on these. Very reminiscent of hobnail glass work. I like the all white pieces very much. But her color work is very nice too!

  2. Yes, I am familiar with Kim's work - love it. Great idea Eugena at covering glass and creating a design.

  3. They are lovely but I never for a moment thought they were poly clay. Knew right away they were ceramic or porcelain.

    Just saying... ;-)


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